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SHCS serves numerous socioeconomically diverse families. We rely on the generosity of our donors and supporters to be able to provide a high quality, faith-based education to all who seek it. Your donation, no matter the size, will help provide students with an exceptional Catholic education! Thank you!
















Become a member of the LEGACY CLUB today!

The Legacy Club at SHCS is an easy way to support the  mission of our school! For 130 years, SHCS has provided an outstanding, faith-based, college preparatory education. We invite you to help us sustain this mission  for the next 130 years by helping us  provide an affordable and sustainable Catholic education for all who seek it! Becoming a part of the Legacy Club  is easy,  and several options for giving allow you to choose the way your want to help SHCS.  Just select monthly, annual or one-time donations, fill out your info, and immediately know that your are making a difference.  Be a part of this amazing legacy by joining our Legacy Club today! Go to  and sign up today!

Or, donations may be mailed directly to the Trust Fund at:

SH Teachers Sustentation Fund

P.O. Box 97

Muenster, TX 76252

Or directly to the school at:

Sacred Heart Catholic School

153 E. 6th St.

Muenster, TX 76252

For more information about including Sacred Heart in your estate plan, please contact Lydia Springer, Attorney, at:, 940.736.3357.

There are numerous  funds to which you may specifically direct your gift:

  • Sacred Heart Catholic School 

  • Sacred Heart Alumni & Supporters

  • Sacred Heart Teachers Sustentation Fund (Trust Fund)**

  • Sacred Heart Athletic Development Fund

  • Adolph & Marie Walterscheid Scholarship Fund 

  • Agnes Lehnertz Scholarship Fund 

  • Andy & Tillie Schoech Endowed Scholarship Fund 

  • Arthur & Emma Lou Hess Endowed Scholarship Fund 

  • Ben & Gertrude Voth Endowed Scholarship Fund

  • Bridge the Gap Fund 

  • Gene H. Fuhrman Technology Fund 

  • Heart Fund (direct and immediate tuition assistance) 

  • Joe & Ruth Felderhoff Endowed Scholarship Fund

  • Klement-Raleigh Endowed Scholarship Fund

  • Leonard & Christel Vogel Endowed Scholarship Fund

  • SHCS Annual Budget 

  • Teachers’ Memorial Fund

  • Tom Fuhrmann Family Memorial Fund 

  • Vogel Endowed Scholarship Fund

Please indicate if you would like your contribution to go to a specific fund, and if mailing,

send all donations to PO Box 97 Muenster, Texas 76252.

**For more than 30 years the Teachers Sustentation Fund (“Trust Fund”) has been instrumental in keeping our school affordable and accessible to the students of north Texas.  Designated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the Trust Fund only uses interest generated from the Fund to assist with teachers' salaries.  The Trust Fund gratefully accepts donations of any size, and they may be mailed directly to the Trust Fund, P.O. Box 97, Muenster, Texas 76252.  A monthly auto-draft is also an easy and convenient way to give for as little as $10 per month.  To set up an auto-draft, simply print out the following PDF Auto-Draft Authorization Form and return it to the Trust Fund. 


​​If you would like additional information on donating, planned giving or including the Trust Fund or school in your Will, please contact:

Lydia Springer, Attorney at Law

SHCS Director of Development


Logo cropped best.jpg

Chuck Bartush, Attorney at Law

408 N Main St,

Muenster, TX 76252

(940) 759-2913


You may also support Memorial Scholarships awarded to our graduating seniors:
The Bailey Walterscheid Memorial Scholarship for SHCS graduates entering the science or healthcare fields. Donations may be made to the SH Alumni, PO Box 97, Muenster, or Venmo @SacredHeart-Alumni. Include Bailey Walterscheid Memorial Scholarship in the memo line.

The Joe Caserta Christian Kindness Scholarship, with awards being given to one male and one female graduating senior. Donations may be made to the SH Alumni, PO Box 97, Muenster, or Venmo @SacredHeart-Alumni. Include Joe Caserta Christian Kindness Scholarship in the memo line.

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