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Our school's mission is to create "a community in which all members...assume responsibility for living and imparting a life of faith, service, and integrity."

That mission continues into our 134th year.




Attend Mass 3 days per week.


Have Religious Education 5 days per week.

Every Friday our children attend Adoration.


We teach our children tithing through Mission Collections,

which is collected once a week from all the kids and goes to

different charities including Catholic Charities. 


Each month, we have a First Friday Food Collection benefiting our Parish Food Pantry.  All students are encouraged to bring an item to contribute.


The 8th graders attend Mass in Fort Worth with Bishop once a year.


When the children are in the 5th grade, the boys and girls have a vocation day where they learn about becoming a Priest or Sister.


Each year, the 9th grade boys take a trip to Subiaco Abbey and Benedictine Monastary as Clear Creek Abbey to learn about the monastic life.


Our 9th grade girls spend a weekend at the Holy Angels Convent in Jonesboro, Arkansas each year to learn about life as a Sister. Both trips that give our children the opportunity to learn about vocations to the church. 

For more information on Faith Formation, please contact our school's Religion Coordinator, Annette Bayer

Be Spiritual

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2024-02-06 (107a) Seth, Ben & Eli Sicking, Sacred Heart Catholic School Student Body in Sa
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