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Dual Credit courses taken in conjunction with North Central Texas College offer Sacred Heart Catholic School students the opportunity to achieve college credit while completing high school work. Dual credit courses are available to qualified, highly motivated students in grades 10-12. Students participating in this program have a designated class period for each online dual credit course. Some of the benefits of dual credit include:

  • Experience college while still in high school

  • Earn both high school and college credit for courses

  • Flexibility as classes are held online

  • Increase college success and completion

  • NCTC Core Curriculum transfers to all public colleges and universities in Texas giving students a head start on college coursework with a potential to graduate high school with thirty or more college credits. (Students attending private or out of state institutions should check with that institution concerning coursework transfer.)

  • Financial savings, as it is more economical to take college courses while in high school.



  • B or better high school average

  • Score in the 85th percentile or better on ITBS Achievement Tests in the subject matter which you are seeking a DC class

  • Approval of SHCS Principal and Academic Advisor



Registration for dual credit classes is a multi-step process and typically takes several weeks. Please see the Academic Advisor as soon as you decide to pursue dual credit courses.


The first step in the process is completing your ApplyTexas application for NCTC. Review or download the NCTC Guide here.

You can also view step-by-step instructions for the ApplyTexas here.

Once this is done, it will take a couple of weeks for students to be entered into the NCTC system. Once entered into the system, NCTC will send students an email with an ID number and password to set up their Lion Pride email account. There are a series of steps to go through, including taking and completing the online class College 101, and scheduling and passing the TSI test required for your DC class. 


  • Our NCTC Dual Credit Success Coach is:

       Tisha Green


       1525 W. California St.

       Gainesville, TX 76240

NCTC and SHCS maintain a great partnership for serving our Dual Credit Students. See the 2024 MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING for complete details on this wonderful program.

Click below for a list of SHCS approved dual credit courses offered through NCTC and for a list of suggested classes by grade level.

NCTC DC Rates 2022.JPG
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