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The Sacred Heart Advisory Council

2022-2023 Members:

Neil Hesse 

Chris Fuhrmann-

Amy Swirzcynski

Jennifer Flusche 

Pam Dangelmayr

Kristi Becker

Marsha Dill

Diane LeClair

Katie Nasche


Reverend Joe Keating

Nisa Lagle




Local School Advisory Council

Per Diocesan Handbook


Each School has an Advisory Council that serves in an Advisory capacity to the pastor and principal. Its authority is derived from the Diocesan Bishop, Superintendent and Diocesan School Advisory Council (DSAC).


The council advises on matters relating to the operation of the school. The local school advisory council is responsible for:

Planning – Establishing a mission statement and strategic plan. The School Advisory Council sees Catholic education as a Mission of the Church.

Policy Formulation – Giving general direction to administrative action

Finances -  Developing plans and means to finance ongoing educational programs

Development/Public Relations/Marketing – Includes understanding the school’s mission, commitment to that vision, the involvement of people, the formulation of a plan, the development and presentation of a case statement to the public, and acquisition of funds to bring the plan to fruition.


The following areas are not matters for School Advisory Council responsibility and, therefore, are not matters for School Advisory Council policy:


Curriculum Development

Approval of Instructional Materials

Hiring/Firing of Staff




Members of our Advisory Council meet monthly throughout the school year, and are an important part of the decisions made which affect our school. Dates and times for the meetings may be found on our school calendar.

If you are interested in being a part of our Advisory Council, please contact our principal,

Ms. Nisa Lagle,

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