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Elementary Choir Consists of:

1. Choir once a week

2. Performing a Veterans day program at the VFW

3. Performing at the Christmas Program


 Junior High Choir Consists of:

1. Choir everyday for half a year

2. Puts on a Christmas program

3. Learns to sight read music

4. Vocal based music theory and music history class


High School Choir Consists of:

1. Elective for all 4 years/they come daily

2. Competition based program

3. Participate in TAPPS completion at State level in choir, solo and piano

4. Annual, impressive Veterans day program, Christmas program and spring show

5. Lead music at Mass on Holy Days

Choir 5
Choir 1
Choir 3
Choir 4
Choir 6

Sacred Heart High School Choir

"Fight Song"

2017 Spring Show

Large Heading

h School Choir

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